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Funny Speaker – Jim Bob Solsbery

Looking for a speaker who can deliver a valuable message that your people will use?

Jim Bob Solsbery's "humor with a message" approach has been connecting with audiences for over 30 years. His unique mix of down-home humor and valuable insights appeals to people from small towns, corporate boardrooms, and everywhere in between.

As far as Jim Bob's concerned, "Humor is more than making people laugh -- It is an Attitude." He demonstrates the truth of this belief using rock-solid principles and hysterical anecdotes.

"The reaction to Jim Bob's presentation from our employees was incredible. He was very engaging and there was a definite connection with our audience. Jim Bob did an outstanding job of tying in some of the challenges our company is facing to the message he delivered. We will definitely have him speak to us again!"

Todd Searcy, President, Automated Logic - UES

"The Humor Attitude is the most effective tool to improve communications, customer service, working environments . . . and your company's bottom line," Jim Bob says.

"The Humor Attitude
makes it easier for you to 'bring your best self' to your job day in and day out," he adds. "You'll become more energized, enthusiastic, motivated and productive if you'll just learn a few simple techniques and new perspectives."

You and your co-workers will enjoy Jim Bob's "listener-friendly" humor and captivating stories, whatever your position. Rediscover the natural grace and wisdom of small-town America, as Jim Bob introduces you to a series of vivid characters who taught him a lot about success -- as well as the importance of values, common sense and having a winner's attitude.

As you listen and respond to his popular stories, you'll be glad there's still a bit of Maryneal, Texas left in Jim Bob Solsbery. You will also discover the most effective way to lead a richer, more productive life: by gaining full and joyful ownership of your own attitude!

"Your keynote address at our annual banquet was just superb. Everyone I talked with after the event agreed with me that you delivered a great message filled with wonderful humor. So many meetings and dinners are the same but with the addition of your message, this banquet was certainly not as usual. My congratulations and thanks to you are in order for producing such a fun-filled message. Thank you for coming our way and proving that your book, "Humor is an Attitude" tells it like it is."

Sam Cartwright, President/CEO, Dumas/Moore County Chamber of Commerce


"Very rarely when looking around the ballroom, do you see everyone so engaged and attentive to a motivational speaker. Jim Bob's presentation style and story-telling skills captivated the audience's attention from beginning to end. And when it did end, the audience responded by giving Jim Bob the standing ovation he so well deserved. Jim Bob would definitely be considered for a future booking."

Diana Capes, Executive Vice President, SILA




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